Kids favourites at the Whistler Farmers Market

Taking the whole family to the Whistler Farmers Market is a Sunday tradition for not only the locals but those visiting for the weekend too. It's clear that all kids have their favourite vendor where they get to purchase their special treat. Here's the ultimate list (and one to break out when you're trying to convince your toddler to get out the door).


Sargent Poppers

Freshly Popped Kettle Corn

A long time vendor, Sargent Poppers brings freshly popped kettle corn, each and every week! You can find them at the market on both Wednesdays & Sundays, every week. Grab a snack bag, or grab a family bag (if you wish to share that family bag, that's up to you!). Grab a freshly squeezed lemonade while you're there.


frostbites syrup co

Snowcones & Cordials

I don't know about you, but this is the one way I can easily convince my three year old to get out the door.  It's also the number one bribery I use to keep him in his stroller while I shop around the market (he's also the happy guy sitting in the photo). As a parent, I take joy knowing he's eating a treat that isn't filled with artificial flavours or colouring.

The duo behind frostibites make these syrups from real fruit. Be sure to grab a cordial and use one of their Instagram cocktail recipes for a special treat that is well deserved for those braving the market with their toddler!



Maples Sugar Shack

Maple Syrup

What Canadian farmers market would be complete without real maple syrup? The best part about the Maples Sugar Shack is the snow candy they serve up each and every week. Its delicious, it's simple, and it's oh-so-Canadian! Whether your a tourist tasting the Canadian cuisine, or doing your weekly shop, this is a simple treat the kids will love!

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 9.18.28 PM.png

Lucia Gelato


No hot day is complete without a sweet cold treat to finish (or start) the day. A locals favourite, Lucia Gelato is the real thing, authentic, Italian Gelato. Flavours can change from week to week. Be sure to try a couple of flavours and don't be afraid to ask for two different flavours in your bowl when you order.

Parents should be sure to check out these vendors who have some unique designs to keep your little one in the latest Whistler fashion.

Parents should be sure to check out these vendors who have some unique designs to keep your little one in the latest Whistler fashion.


Milkshaxs and Fruit Shaxs

Sweets and Treats, Clothing and Accessories

Not only do they sell the cutest onsies, but they also feature organic berry slushies that are sure to fix any hot day! Check out their one of a kind designs that truly capture the summer scene in Whistler. 

mally (1).png

Mally Designs

leather baby bibs, & moccasins

Just look at those precious leather moccasins! Whether a keepsake or the perfect accessory for those newborn photos, Mally Designs can make the perfect gift and take-home piece from your Whistler trip. Don't miss their leather made bibs that capture our Canadian flag beautifully!


Hau'oli Apparel

Hau'oli Apparel is handmade children's clothing

Ready to have your little one make his/her own fashion statement? One that is met with water-based pigment inks and dyes and organic cotton? Sizes range from 3 months to 24 months and every piece is handmade! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 10.18.26 PM.png

Einai Designs

Clothing and Accessories

Need to encourage your kids in the kitchen? Pick up a handmade apron designed specially for kids! Moms and dads can also check out reusable lunch bags, diaper bags and changing pads.  If you're looking for a little Canadian flare, don't miss the maple leaf patterns!

Be sure to check out the market map, each week to see which vendors will be at the Whistler Farmers Market, here.