Whistler Farmers Market

We will be back in the summer of 2017

 Please do not email or phone for more information about opening dates or "what is missing from the market that you could apply for."

Applications submitted before the official opening date will not be considered.

Applicant Acknowledgement of Criteria and Operating Fees

This is your opportunity to become part of one of B.C.'s most vibrant and successful markets. Take the time to provide us with all the relevant details of your product and the process you utilize in its production.

An independent selection jury reviews all applications.

Vendors who are returning after three consecutive years of attendance will not be required to submit products for jury review.

Any new products (those not accepted for the previous year) must be submitted for jury review.

Any new products (those not juried and accepted for the current season) that a vendor wishes to add during the market season must be submitted for jury review.

  • Be prepared to provide all samples for jury review on dates requested


All applications are reviewed in consideration of the following criteria:

  • Is the applicant a Returning Vendor, number of years (Maximum 5 points)

  • Is the product or service produced in the Sea to Sky Corridor (Yes 5 points, No 0 points)

  • Is the product or service 100% Made, Baked or Grown by the applicant (Maximum 5 points)

  • Is the product Unique (Maximum 5 points)

  • What is the Value to the Market (Maximum 5 points)


It is critical to your success that you:

  • Complete ALL SECTIONS of the application

  • Provide as detailed a description as possible of ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS' production methods, prices and where they are produced

  • Provide all images requested

  • Provide all documents requested

  • Complete Farmer application only if you are a farm

  • Indicate you are a farmer between Lions Bay and Lytton only if your production farm is located between Lions Bay and Lytton

Incomplete applications will not be presented to the jury for consideration.

Sunday Markets

2015 Sunday markets operate from June 21st to October 11th. The market on the last weekend of the season operates on Saturday October 10th and Sunday October 11th.

Sunday markets operate from 11 am to 4 pm, Rain or Shine.

Sunday Market Fees

All applicants must purchase a $35 annual membership to the Whistler Farmers' Market Society.

The fee for Farm Vendors within the Lions Bay to Lytton catchment area is $35 per market or $600 for a seasons pass.

The fee for Farm Vendors outside the catchment area and all non-farm members is: $80 per market (for 5 markets or less), $70 per market (6 to 17 markets) or $900 for a season pass.

Season pass fees are applicable only for vendors who commit to attending all eighteen (18) Sunday market dates.

Farm Vendors who sell products not produced at their primary farm location must pay $35 per "farm friend". There is a maximum of two farm friends per farm.

Fees are to be paid by March 15th, 2015. Applicants who are not successful will have their payment check returned or destroyed. All applicants who wish to have their checks returned must provide a self addressed, stamped envelope with their payment.

In the event of an applicant being awarded more or less days than requested, an adjusted invoice will be delivered reflecting the change in market dates.

Wednesday Afternoon Markets

2015 Wednesday Afternoon Markets operate weekly from July 1st to August 26th from 3 pm to 7 pm.

All Farm Vendors are eligible to participate in the Wednesday Afternoon Markets.

A limited number of Non Farm members are eligible for the Wednesday Afternoon Markets.

Applicants who have not been successful for Sunday markets MAY be offered positions in the Wednesday markets. These MAY lead to positions in the Sunday markets as they become available.

Applicants who indicate an interest in the Wednesday markets will be coordinated directly by the market manager.

Wednesday Market Fees

The fee for Farm Vendors within the Lions Bay to Lytton catchment area is included in seasonal fees for the Sunday market.

The fee for Farm Vendors outside the catchment area is $30 per market or $270 for a season (nine dates) pass.

The fee for Non Farm members is $50 per market or $400 for a season (nine dates) pass.

Liquor Vendor Fees

$100 for a Sunday market

$60 for a Wednesday market

$130 for a consecutive Sunday/ Wednesday market

Missed Market Dates

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